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Dmitry Kormann

excerpts list

[00’00] Doomed
(full adrenaline mode)
source material: symphony orchestra, electric guitar, african voices.

[00’29] Baixô Basho
source material: live sounds, synthesisers, cello samples, Japanese vocals, sound design.

[01’02] Cartoon Madness
(Carl Starling meets Craig David and John Adams)
source material: symphony orchestra, techno beats.

[01’31] Wild Kingdom
(playful cubs/migration/ stalking prey/chase)
source material: symphony orchestra, ethnic instruments.

[02’15] Moondust
(love theme)
source material: symphony orchestra, electric bass.

[03’14] Our Man In…
(tongue-in-cheek spy movie theme)
source material: 60’s style jazz orchestra.

[03’44] Playpen
(children’s TV)
source material: symphony orchestra, baby samples.

[04’05] Here She Comes
source material: Loops, live percussion, synthesis, myself doing "Isaac Hayes".

[04’34] Phoenix - Incidental Music
(supernatural moods, ancient versus hi-tech)
source material: symphony orchestra, choir, sound design.

[07’00] End 

soundtrack showreel

NOTE: This showreel contain ONLY fragments of soundtrack works, none of it even vaguely related to fractal music. If you are looking for fractal music, please go to the  Research page.

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Total running time: 7 mins


selected works

  • 34 urban/ambient/world music projects for Clevermax Ltd to date, totalling 196 tracks (and counting)
  • Soundtrack for 4 independent films by Max Barber, including "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Funeral" and "VGL-Hung"
  • Soundtrack for the film "Neo-Tao Vol 1: The Balance", by Dani Hale
  • Soundtrack for the film "One Minutes", by Philip Pugh
  • Soundtrack for the film "R.E.M.", by Christopher Wright
  • Soundtrack for a training film on the subject of intolerance, for the Department of Psychology of the University of East London
  • Music for Weight Watchers' "Move More Workout" DVD
  • Music for Kym Ryder's "Burn and Firm Workout" DVD
  • Music and Sound Design for "Tom Baker's Sci-Fi Quiz" DVD
  • Selected sonic artworks published by Spectrum Press, CA, USA
    Curator: Jennifer Logan
  • Work: 'Rain and sunshine on the surface of a ripply lake'
    Commisioned by the University of Ulster, Derry, Northern Ireland
    Performer: Brian Keenan (guitar and live electronics)
  • Work: 'Snapshots of a Forest'
    Winner of the 2005 City of Derry Guitar Festival Composer's Competition
  • Work: 'Life as an Ant'
    Winner of the Fine Arts Sinfonia Competition
  • Work: 'Summer of Love'
    Commissioned by the Society for Promotion of New Music
    Performers: Ensemble 10/10
    Conductor: Matthew Coorey
    Venue: Liverpool Tate Gallery
  • Work: 'Around the World at 80 GBPS'
    Electroacoustic installation
    Venue: Festival SYNTHESE 2005
  • Work: 'Paramecia' and 'Amoebae'
    Electroacoustic performances directed by Jennifer Logan
    Venue: Los Angeles Sonic Odissey
    St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church 3646 Coldwater Canyon Blvd.
    Studio City, California, USA